"The Crown of Court Street: A History of Athens Armory" Documentary (2019)

Directed, Researched, Edited, and filmed by Alec Hillyer. With videography assistance from Bart Kuraga, Nadzeya Ilkevich, Franklyn Charles

Brother Hill "Steepletown" Musical Performance (2019)

Videography by Bart Kuraga, Nadzeya Ilkevich. Edited by Bart Karuga, Sound by Alec Hillyer

Making The Place Documentary (2019)

Coming Soon. Currently pursuing acceptance into film festivals. Directed & edited by Nadzeya Ilkevich and Alec Hillyer. Videography from Bart Karuga,  Alec Hillyer, Nadzeya Ilkevich, Quintin Schomaker.

Take an Historic Tour of the Athens Armory in 360 (2019)

Filmed and Edited by Alec Hillyer

Making the Place Documentary Trailer (2019)

Filmed and edited by Alec Hillyer & Nadzeya Ilkevich

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